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Windows 2000 installation problems
dgenerator May-12-02 09:51 AM

I have a request of a slightly dubious nature here, but hopefully someone can help... I was recently robbed and had my PC stolen. A friend kindly gave me an old PC that he had lying around, but without an operating system. My old PC was a Dell, and was shipped with a 'Dell' version of Win 2k. When I try and install this on my 'new' system i get a message saying this software is only useable with a Dell computer... is there a way around this? Dell wont help me (obviously) and I really am desperate to get this all running until I can afford a new operating system...

Any advice would be appreciated...


6. RE: Windows 2000 installation problems
lbyard May-12-02 11:03 AM
In response to message 5
I know of no way to beat it as I believe it checks for the Dell BIOS. If I did I would probably be sued if I told you. (OK, with a lot of effort and time, and if I had an identical Dell BIOS to work with, I could probably edit the BIOS to fake it out). Have your insurance company or your landlord's, etc. insurance company pay for a replacment PC, hopefully one with a generic operating system (and generic hardware, which would exclude Dell). Larry

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