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Boot problem
qajfat May-07-02 01:36 PM
A friend of mine had this old Siemens Nixdorf P75 which he decided he wanted to use. So to try it out, I let him borrow a small HDD with Windows95 installed on it. After fiddling a bit with the bios, Phoenix Bios Version 4.04, the HDD was found and the PC posted OK. However we got the Non-system disk error, and I thought that somehow (very unlikely) after trying the floppy it didn't try to boot from C:. I tried to check the boot sequence in the bios, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is this happening because of the setup, or because the OS was installed on another PC - probably a 486, I'm not sure though. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Lawrence

1. RE: Boot problem
jmatt May-08-02 06:06 AM
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Make sure it is jumpered to master .

2. RE: Boot problem
Twinhead May-08-02 08:07 AM
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LAST EDITED ON May-08-02 AT 08:09 AM (EST)
You have to be certain how the HDD was configured in the BIOS of your other PC.
See how many heads, cylinders, sectors/track and I/O type are set there.
In the other PC, they must be EXACTLY the same!


But, altered after installation, the Data is unreadable.

It can be the case that the parameters set in the BIOS are different as stated on the label of the HDD. (See equation above)
You tells it is a Small drive.
Drives below 1 Gb does NOT have to set at LBA.

B.T.W. A windows 95 installation done in another PC will start looking for Hardware in this one.
Have the installation disks and the Windows CD-Rom handy!


3. RE: Boot problem
qajfat May-08-02 02:27 PM
In response to message 2
Thanks guys for your suggestions. Someone has suggested I boot with a Win95 boot disk and then run sys c: and viola' it booted from the HDD OK. Like Victor said I did need the Windows cd to install the new hardware, but in the end it worked. Thanks again. Lawrence

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