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Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
mac May-06-02 07:34 PM

I like to find some reference regarding how to install multiple OS including redhat 7.x..

I have read in the past that redhat had some limitations co-existing with windows.. on same HD or 2ndry HD.. is that true ?

I like to put 2k station, XP and LINUX on the same PC...

thnx in advance

1. RE: Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
DJ Net2Infinity May-06-02 09:29 PM
In response to message 0
I'm not sure why you would want 3 OSs on the same machine, but Redhat has no limitations what so ever. I run Windows 98,Win 2k, and Red Hat 7.3 on my laptop because I need each OS for the scope of my work. That said look at http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/administration/management/mltiboot.asp I would recommend using Partition Magic or another partitioning utility. When installing Red Hat you need to use GRUB as your boot loader and make Windows 2000 or XP your default.

Basicly you will need 4 Partitions:

1. Windows 2000
2. Windows XP
3. Linux
4. Linux swap

If you are not an experienced Unix/Linux user I suggest installing Mandrake or Suse and get use to it first and then switch to Red Hat. Red Hat isn't extremely hard but it is more of a professional version where as the other Linux distributions are more user friendly and have more apps bundled with them.

2. RE: Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
mac May-07-02 04:16 AM
In response to message 1

Thank you for the post. If i may throw a few more questions at you here:

Suppose i already have 2k w/s (FAT32) installed. my primary goal is to get redhat LINUX, and then XP. Do you recommend a 2nd hard disk for this ? or should i install LINUX and XP on 2nd HD. (or put XP on primary but LINUX on 2nd one )

I also like to pre-plan a WIN 2k server to coexist w/ LINUX . HOw should i go about partitioning or physical disk setup on that PC ?
Do you know if a 3rd party partition utility is needed ?

i also need to get clarified on NTFS and how it may play a role in all this...

It's amazing how MSFT doens't provide a serious multiple partition s/w, because public would expect it bundled.

Lastly ,i ran into this site and URL before i press POST MESSAGE.. i appreciate NE1's input in all this.


Thank you in advance.

3. RE: Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
DJ Net2Infinity May-07-02 06:05 PM
In response to message 2
I would run 2000 and XP on the same drive, and then install Linux on the 2nd hard drive. How big is your current drive? And why do you need 2000 Server? What concerns you about NTFS?

I would recommend explaining what you are gonna use the this setup for, or what you are trying to do ... Maybe I can recommend a simpler solution.

4. RE: Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
mac May-10-02 12:25 PM
In response to message 3

Thnx ,

I am going to be studying w2k server, and also do some linux/apache work all on the same PC if possible..

My current drive of 10Meg is nearly full, but i would ghost it onto a new drive, or simply redo using a bigger drive...

Are you recommending, it's better to have linux on a seperate drive ? i thought XP and w9X/2K are also recommended to be on seperte drives as well, but it seems like you are OK w/ seperate partitions..

Is it OK to intall XP last ?


5. RE: Best source for multiple OS partitions ?
DJ Net2Infinity May-10-02 04:36 PM
In response to message 4
Yes it is fine to install XP last, the reason why I was saying to install Linux on the second hard drive was because it would be easier to configure Linux on the second one than it would be to put XP on the second if you elect to have one. Personally I would get a few different hard drives and swap them in and out of your machine, that way if you hose one OS trying to learn it you have lost nothing at all. I would recommend you look at http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-Details.asp?sku=R75-1000 it might be just what the doctor ordered.

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