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New Linux installation, Can't log in.
Greybeard May-02-02 09:40 PM
I'd like to try Linux. I was given Mandrake-Linux 6.0, which I finally managed to install. (don't know what I'm doing, learining as I go.) Got all the way thru to the "Successful install.. Welcome to Linux...etc." I was ecstatic!! BUT!, when I boot the machine, it goes thru to the Login screen and then my keyboard doesn't work so I cant log in...keyboard works fine (I've tried two keyboards) until the login screen, then accepts no input, nothing , nada. The only way out is to turn the comp off..
While going thru the boot process, there's one "failed" message:
"can't read /usr/share/config/kdmrc no such file or folder" I suspect this might have something to do with it, because kdmrc supplies data for KDE and the login page is graphic....but don't really know....and, if I'm on the right track, how can I fix it if I can't log on?
Brian, this might be for you,
Thanx, Grey.

1. RE: New Linux installation, Can't log in.
DJ Net2Infinity May-03-02 04:03 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON May-03-02 AT 04:04 PM (EST)
Your right your XWindows file is hosed, its probably do to the fact that during setup it determined the video card as being something other than it actually is. Log in using a graphical login, it should prompt you during the boot process to " Press Key SO and SO to enter graphical Login". Log in as root user and at the prompt type XFree86 and then press enter. Its what is used on most Linux Distro's to configure the XWindows system, run thru the setup in that and if it doesn't work I would reinstall Linux, but use a newer kernal I believe Mandrake is on version 8.2 now.

2. RE: New Linux installation, Can't log in.
Greybeard May-05-02 10:56 PM
In response to message 1
Thanx Brian,
I couldn't log in anywhere.. I tried some advice I got off Google too, but I don't know enough about Linux to get anything to work, so I did a complete re-install....Success!!!
One of the mistakes I made the first time was not knowing the facts on my video card. I opened the machine, got the info I needed, and started the installation all over again, then found out I didn't need the specs, because Linux scanned it for me...Sometimes I get in a hurry and take shortcuts..like installing an OS I know nothing about!!!
One more question tho' if you will. I put in one of the other CD's that came with the package, to look around, then I couldn't open the CD bay to remove it without logging out.... is something wrong or am I missing something very elementary?
As far as upgrading to 8.2, I probably will after I learn a little more. But so far, everything, including the computer, has been given to me, free, so I didn't want to spend any money untill I was sure I could get this to work.
One last question,(honest, this is it!) Now that I've got it, what do I do with it???? Now I gotta buy a book!
Thanks again,
Grey (Real name is Larry, but so as not to cause confusion,,, like it really would!!)

3. RE: New Linux installation, Can't log in.
DJ Net2Infinity May-05-02 11:28 PM
In response to message 2
With regards to your cdrom drive, sometimes Linux will hold the drive shut until you unmount it. With regards to your last question you keep using it and getting better with it at the command line level, you then install it on your friends PCs and teach them all about it ... so that you never have to see a Blue Screen of Death again

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