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Outlook Express Files
epster2 May-01-02 05:33 PM
Recently a freind asked me to extcract her outlook express e-mails and E-mail adresses form her old computer. Unfotunatley the boot sector must have gotten zaped so it is no longer able to boot from the HD. I can acces the HD but cannot get windows to run. Now is their a way to extract the individual files to disk and load them on another computer. I beleive the operating system on the machine was windows 98se.

1. RE: Outlook Express Files
DAoC_Rox May-02-02 08:11 AM
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Try this site out...I think it should help:


2. RE: Outlook Express Files
lbyard May-02-02 10:55 AM
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Connect the hard disk to another computer running Windows. Just plug it into the secondary IDE interface in place of the CD-ROM drive, or on the same cable as the drive running Windows and jumper the Windows drive a Master with Slave present and the drive with the problem as a Slave. The problem drive does not have to be installed in the case. Just lay it on itís back so the printed circuit board doesnít get shorted. Larry

3. RE: Outlook Express Files
lonsome luey May-29-02 07:08 PM
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this can be done by booting Win98 with a boot disk. do a search for *.dbx files with this command. At the C:\windows directory.
dir *.dbx /s (sometimes *.mbx also)
the files will be found fairly deep into the windows directory, you can easily navigate to the right dir after the files are found, just cd to the right dir that you see. Then use pkzip to zip the files to floppies (www.pkware.com) to get pkzip.exe. the command to zip to multiple floppies and save the directories at the same time is,(inside the proper directory of course)
pkzip A:<filename>.zip *.* -pr -&
have a few floppies and follow the instuctions. To unzip inside windows just use Winzip, unzip to a temp directory like c:\dbx then go to outlook express and import the messages. the address book can also be saved and usually fits on 1 floppy.

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