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Re-activating Windows XP
HoDog14 Apr-22-02 10:25 AM
ok, so i think mabe since i added more memory to my computer after activating windows XP, the windows XP wont work (see my earlier post for details on the problem). How exactly do I add the memory then Re-activate XP so it workss again with all my memory??? Is this process easy???

1. RE: Re-activating Windows XP
Anchor 100 Apr-22-02 02:11 PM
In response to message 0

Once XP is activated shut down and install the New additional memory in the normal way (anti-staic procedures)

Then re start should be AOK!!

Microsoft allows up to three Hardware changes in bettewen activatons
do not seek re-activation unless promted and in any event remember the 30 days that you have to seek activation???


2. RE: Re-activating Windows XP
HoDog14 Apr-22-02 02:22 PM
In response to message 1
Ok, i get that, but after activation, if you want to reactivate, where do you go inside XP to find the phone number and such to reactivate. Or will you be prompted to reactivate after you install new hardware so that XP wont open. If this is the case, then its not the problem that i have been having because XP wont start and there is no prompt to reactivate XP. After i install new memory, is there anything I have to change in the BIOS to get everything working properly?

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