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Windows XP wont load???
HoDog14 Apr-21-02 03:28 PM
For some reason, my Windows XP wont load up any more. Some Backround: I just got my computer, I installed my HDD and my CD rom as my computer came as a pretested bare-bones system. After the installation of those 2 components, i was ready to install my Windows XP. It worked fine after installation, untill the next day after the on the phone regestration. I registered on the Phone and they gave me my code to put on it. After this, I turned off my computer and i just recieved more memory for my computer so without trying out the XP again, I installed my memory. The computer still boots up now with the new memory installed, and after that, it shows me the windows XP loading screen, then the monitor goes blank but it seems that the computer is still working. I wait for a while, but the screen remains blank. Whats going on??? was this a registration error and the computer just locks me out of windows? Before the registration and the memory installation, it worked fine. I wore an anti-static wrist band so i dont think i fried anything... any Help...?

1. RE: Windows XP wont load???
HoDog14 Apr-21-02 05:16 PM
In response to message 0
I just discovered that when i remove the new memory, XP has no problem loading up and everything is fine. Now I would have thought that if the memory had a problem or was not compatable, the computer would have a problem at start up. I got pc2100 non-ecc DDR memory for this computer, this is the type of memory it had in the first place, i did not check for other specifications on the memory. Also, the new memory is 256 mb while the original memory is 128 mb. Does this make a difference?

2. RE: Windows XP wont load???
Anchor 100 Apr-21-02 05:35 PM
In response to message 1
Just to let you know that you are not alone XP and memory

I have just Upgraded to XP home edition
I carried out all of the pre upgrade Checks

I Formatted the drive
Then I installed the extra memory as advised exactly the same spec as the other memory
And during set up XP kept dumping the memory!!
Stop screens and all!!

So i took it out ran set up no problem then I installed the memory
no problem BUT I did not activate During or since set up as my advice was to wait am I pleased I did ****


3. RE: Windows XP wont load???
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-21-02 06:05 PM
In response to message 2
Darn that XP and that registration, try putting the new RAM in the slot where your orignial RAM is and try that.

4. RE: Windows XP wont load???
HoDog14 Apr-21-02 09:53 PM
In response to message 3
Ok Brian, I did that and the same exact problem. any combonation of the two memory chips and i would have this problem. However, the original one works alone, but the new memory does not work alone, even if i put this in the same spot as the original memory. In the Boot-up sequence, however, the computer definately recognizes the additional memory because the memory count goes up to the appropriate level. Does this mean that the memory is compatible, but it has some kind of manufacturers problem? Im pretty new to this so this may be a stupid question as well: there are two stickers on my memory chip, same as the original chip, this couldnt somehow prevent my memory from working properly, could it? I am a little reluctant to take them off for fear of not being able to return the chip. Well???

By the way, if any of you have the time, could you check to make shure that I bought compatable memory. Go to: MWAVE.com and under the bare bones systems for Amdall. I got the default settings for memory on the DDR system. Then, to find out what my new memory is, do a serch on the main page for: pc2100 non-ecc and a page should come up with sets of memory. I got the 2nd item down, with 256 mb of memory. THIS WOULD BE REALLY HELPFULL TO INSURE THAT I BOUGHT THE RIGHT STUFF AND THIS WHOLE PROBLEM ISNT AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

5. RE: Windows XP wont load???
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-21-02 10:10 PM
In response to message 4
http://direct.mwave.com/mwave/doc/A12561.html Your mobo doesn't support DDR.

6. RE: Windows XP wont load???
HoDog14 Apr-22-02 08:39 AM
In response to message 5
no, that isnt my motherboard. go here


Im pretty shure that under memory it says that it supports 184 pin pc1600/pc2100 DDR memory.

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