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windows- ghosts or not ?
kosslo Oct-25-00 06:34 AM
ok i had a costomer bring in his computer the other day,with a problem I havent seen before,as
I am farely new to my job. Anyways he informed me that every once in a while his computer would start cascading through his start menu all by itself (not actually running anything)but just flashing through the start menu. I asked the seasoned tech about it and actually showed it to him when it did it on my bench. But he didnt know either. I have checked everything,ran test,virus,hardware,software,and everything seems to be in order. But I have no clue?
So is his computer really haunted or is it just gremlins?????
It is a P11 450 mghrz nothing special
no heat problems and he has 64mb of mem 40 gig hd
anybody have any Ideas cause I have rulled out all mine ...
thanks In advance kosslo

1. RE: windows- ghosts or not ?
lbyard Oct-25-00 07:35 PM
In response to message 0
Try another keyboard. Larry

2. RE: windows- ghosts or not ?
kosslo Oct-26-00 07:00 AM
In response to message 1
hmmmm didnt think of that one cause he has a new one with the touch mouse on it.
checked it on my computer worked fine (no sticky keys i mean) do you have a theory on why this would do that? just wanting to know more thats all

3. RE: windows- ghosts or not ?
lbyard Oct-26-00 02:47 PM
In response to message 2
I was thinking/guessing it might be sticking keys or something gone amiss with the debounce circuitry. For those who don't know what debounce circuitry is... when you press a key on a keyboard the key actually bounces on the switch that it closes (somewhat like dropping a ping pong ball) causing it to open and close several times. The debounce circuitry filters the output from the switch so only one keystroke is sent to the computer. I did not think of a keyboard with an integrated mouse, which is a likely possibility as well. Whenever one has a computer problem, one should ask, “what changed?” Larry

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