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Make Exploring Easier
lbyard May-12-00 02:08 PM
If you are like me, you use the Windows 98 Windows Explorer frequently. Are you tired of Clicking Start, Programs, scrolling up or down the menu, and clicking Windows Explore to fire-it-up? You could right-click (click the right mouse button) Start followed by Explore, but that still isn’t fast enough for me. So, put it on your Quick Launch toolbar on the Start Menu, which is immediately to the right of the Start button in most Windows 98 configurations. A simple way to do that is click Start, Programs, right-click the Windows Explorer shortcut, select copy, right-click your desktop, and select Paste to put the shortcut on your desktop. Next, click and hold the mouse button over the shortcut, drag it with the mouse, and drop it in the desired position on Quick Launch toolbar. Now, the Windows Explorer is one click away. You may want to remove the shortcut from your desktop… Just right click it and choose Delete. I also put shortcuts to my most used programs on the Quick Launch toolbar (and remove the View Channels shortcut by right-clicking it and Deleting). Larry

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