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tweakui big, big problem...
dream_v Apr-18-02 07:28 AM
i have tweakui on my computer. downloaded from microsoft and installed. ok.
my problem: in my paranoia i hide everything, including the "control panel"...
now i can't access the tweakui to undo changes
i don't wanna reinstall windows! someone can help me?

2. RE: tweakui big, big problem...
lbyard Apr-18-02 12:33 PM
In response to message 0
I tried that with the tweakui on my Windows Me computer. It didn't have a checkbox to hide the control panel and selecting all of them did not cause a problem. Given what I know/donít know about the problem, I would suggest that you open the Windows Explorer, search for TWEAKUI.CPL, and double-click it. Larry

3. RE: tweakui big, big problem...
dream_v Apr-19-02 04:43 PM
In response to message 2
i have Win ME too. but my tweakui realy have a optional check box for hiding the control panel. i don't remember exactly where.
i found and i tried to open TWEAKUI.CPL. but a error message block my action. something like this: "due the restriction on this computer you cannot... etc... contact the system administrator".
this error message block my every action when i try to change settings on my computer including "right click on desktop"\properties.


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