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win95 vfat problem
dbradsher1 Apr-11-02 11:25 PM
system boots as normal but when its about to go to the desktop
it blue screens and says device or resource not available or not recognizable for vfat System Halted." What could be the problem?

P100 processor
16 mb RAM with 2 72 pin SIMMS and 2 DIMMS

1. RE: win95 vfat problem
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-12-02 00:46 AM
In response to message 0

Click Here

There is your answer

2. RE: win95 vfat problem
dbradsher1 Apr-12-02 11:56 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks DJ Net2Infinity for your timely response i noticed during
scandisk that file is missing. Thanks for saving me time on this problem.

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