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RAM for win98se
sjf Apr-11-02 03:10 AM
I want to put 512 mb in a system running win98 se, I have heard that 98 will not be happy with more than 256mb but in other circles this idea has been dismissed. Before I go ahead does anybody have any advice on this.

1. RE: RAM for win98se
DJ Net2Infinity Apr-11-02 08:17 AM
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I really don't see why you would need 512 unless you are running CAD or something, but I would look up the specs and make sure your motherboard can support it. I have seen 512 run with 98SE before so I know that is not an issue.

2. RE: RAM for win98se
sjf Apr-11-02 08:58 AM
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Needs 512 to run autocad happily shouln't be any hardware issues as its a new computer.

3. RE: RAM for win98se
Twinhead Apr-18-02 06:16 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-02 AT 06:16 AM (EST)
I also have 512 MB on my system.
Running Win98SE, Intel Celeron 600@900 on 1.8V
and it is completely stable for 99% of my programs.
Only 3Dfx games requires me to set my CPU speed and the voltage back to its defaults.
As on 600 MHz, my system is absolutely stable with ALL of my programs.

The Intel 440BX and higher and the Intel 815EP and higher will support 512Mb of Ram.
Funny is that Windows reports only 511Mb.
My BIOS reports more than 512Mb (Afcourse, it is the digital stepping)


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