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FDisk/Format/Install WinXP
PtownBubba Apr-09-02 08:24 PM
A friend has a Dell 4400 with WinXP, to kill a long story, we want to format and reinstall the hard drive to get a fresh start. I just did this on my Dell 4100 with WinMe, using a generic Super Boot Disk, worked great.

This XP is wierd, almost too fancy, can we fdisk-format-reinstall the same way that I did with WinMe, or does XP need special attention and or special skills ?


1. RE: FDisk/Format/Install WinXP
lbyard Apr-09-02 11:56 PM
In response to message 0
The answer is in our Windows XP FAQs. Larry

2. RE: FDisk/Format/Install WinXP
PtownBubba Apr-10-02 12:57 PM
In response to message 1
Not only am I stupid, but I must be blind too,I got here:
Windows XP FAQs;
and scrolled down through the topics, but did not see any reference to formatting and reinstalling WinXP ??????

3. RE: FDisk/Format/Install WinXP
lbyard Apr-10-02 01:16 PM
In response to message 2
As stated, fdisk and formatting is done exactly the same as it is for Windows 98 and you can use a 98 Startup floppy, except you will probably remove NTFS partitions for either of these two procedures:
There is very little difference between the various versions of XP when doing a clean install. Also, I believe I posted notes showing all of the steps for Pro somewhere in this forum. Larry

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