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HP Recovery CD
swervey Mar-12-02 08:29 PM
Right people, hopefully someone will be able to help me...

I have an HP Pavillion 6355 pc, recently installed an 81Gb HDD as a slave, original HDD is 4Gb; will be using this HDD just ot have the OS systeem on it. Anyways, I recently tried running the recovery cd to format and reinstall the software ( Win 98 and various packages )
but it came up with an error, HDD not found. Checked in BIOS and both master and slave HDDs where there. Contacted support ( 60p a min )
was on phone for 28 mins, and got no where, was advised to FDisk and Format ( which was done ) to no avail. HP Support then informed it was a hardware fault...Hmmmm booted up pc with a startup floppy, and all drives where recognised, i re FDisked and formatted but still recovery cd not working, then an idea struck me...i had a copy of win98...but alas it was only an upgrade version, and not a full one...so i followed the advice posted on this site with regards to installing from HDD, but it still asks the compliance question 9 point to old installation etc ) I cant bllody point ot the old version because the bloody HDDs have been formatted...Does anyone habe any ideas???

1. RE: HP Recovery CD
lbyard Mar-13-02 12:23 PM
In response to message 0
Disconnect the old hard disk drive and connect he new one as a Master with no slave present. I would partition the new drive so C: is 4 to 6 GBytes. Make the partition active with fdisk. Also, the BIOS may be having a problem with a drive that large. You may want to download and try the drive manufacturer’s disk utilities. If you are able to restore to the old drive, try using it as a reference for the Win 98 upgrade after connecting it as a slave. Larry

2. RE: HP Recovery CD
swervey Mar-16-02 08:05 PM
In response to message 1
thanks larry....

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