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win98 will not detect floppy in drive, plz help Larry!
weak_link Mar-12-02 04:45 PM
I have a hp vectra that will no longer read the a: drive. The button that ejects the disk snapped off so I replaced the original drive with an older floppy drive from a Compaq I had around the house. In 'my computer' you can see that there is supposed to be an a: drive but it won't read a disk. I have deleted the drive in the device manager and restarted. I also looked in the bios to be sure that the floppy drive was listed in the boot sequence as well as appearing as a drive. When the machine reboots it again appears in 'my computer' but still will not read a disk. I'm stumped because it worked fine before I swapped out the drive. What did I do wrong here? I've tried two replacement drives but they are both used and both Compaq. Assuming I was a total idiot and plugged in the data ribbon in backwards to the drive, that wouldn't have fried the m.b. would it? The power is in the correct way but I discovered the problem late at night and may have plugged the ribbon in upside down the first time I tried to swp the drive.
Please help, I'm supposed to sell this machine in a day or two but I obviously can't sell it w/o a working floppy. OK, I guess I could but that wouldn't be nice and I don't want a bad rap. Thanks again in advance!

1. RE: win98 will not detect floppy in drive, plz help Larry!
ice6 Mar-13-02 07:07 AM
In response to message 0

is is an older floppy drive
i.e the one's that used to be labeled b:
if so maybe you have to change the letter of the drive to b or something
that's a long shot


2. RE: win98 will not detect floppy in drive, plz help Larry!
lbyard Mar-13-02 12:29 PM
In response to message 1
Most everything I know about troubleshooting it is at http://duxcw.com/faq/fd/fd.htm. If the Compaq is real old, the drives may be 720K instead of 1.4 MBytes. Larry

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