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Explorer window sizes
Alistair Mar-09-02 09:23 AM
When im using IE the window opens up just shy of being full size.....how can i open up the window full size every time and keep it that way.

Incidently Ive noticed every time my girlfriend uses my computer to use the internet windows are different sizes, text is bigger . sometimes smaller , home page moved to womenly things....anyway im blabbing....just the window thing how to fix please


1. RE: Explorer window sizes
jmatt Mar-11-02 04:01 AM
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Right-click on the I Explorer icon , select Properties > Run >
select Maximize .

Or ,

AutoSizer ( freeware ) program to position windows automatically &
keep them there ( ie,IE5 puts new windows in different places )
It can be found here along with several other great utilities .

2. RE: Explorer window sizes
ice6 Mar-11-02 01:11 PM
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use ur keyboard


press these together and they will do it


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