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Annoying quick launch thingy
Alistair Mar-09-02 09:17 AM
Right.. i have this annoying problem with the quick launch feature on windows 98 se. It used to sit right next to the start button and explorer windows would then open up to the right of it. I removed it one day by accident and then turned it back on. The quick launch bar is now on the right side of the tak bar and all the explorer windows open up on the left side next to the start button. I was going to just get used to it but im finding it annoying.
How do i place it back to the left side next to the start botton?


1. RE: Annoying quick launch thingy
lbyard Mar-09-02 01:18 PM
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Close all Windows. Immediately to the left of the first icon on the quick launch menu is a bare spot just large enough to point at with the mouse cursor. Place your mouse cursor on that spot, click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the menu to the left. You may have to play with things some to get it the way you want it. Larry

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