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Short Cut Keys To Screen Saver
Tezdread Oct-17-00 06:27 AM
Just thought I'd post this, maybe some one will find it useful To be able to get any of your screen savers to start with the pressing a few keys read on.

Right click on your desktop, and select New - Shortcut then Browse, and open your windows folder, in the file name box, type *.scr and press enter, this will show you all the screen savers you have, select the one you want, click Ok - Next - then finish. Now you have it on your desktop, right click it, and go to properties and where it says Shortcut Key, press down ctrl key, you will now be able to add your own key, (z or x are the easiest ones) click ok and test it.

You can put the short cut where you want, I just found it easier to do it from the desk top.

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