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Continual Phantom Software Installation
dpbrick Mar-08-02 02:34 PM
Everytime I reboot my Micron P133 running Win98SE, I get a message on the screen -- before the GUI is loaded, so it's a black and white DOS-type of screen. The message states something like "Please wait while Setup modifies your configuration files..." and "Completed modifying configuration files, continuing to load Windows".

They are the same messages you receive everytime you install new software and have to reboot afterwards in order to complete the installation. But this happens *everytime* I reboot -- whether or not I'm installing software.

My c:\windows\temp folder keeps getting filled, also, with literally 1000s of files located in subfolders named "Zipxxxx" where "xxxx" are various, seemingly random, numbers.

I have searched the registry for any "runonce" or "runserviceonce" entries, but could not find any.

I do have McAfee VirusScan installed, updated, and running at all times, so I don't think it could be a virus (even though I did suspect it was for awhile).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this and how to stop it?

1. RE: Continual Phantom Software Installation
lbyard Mar-08-02 03:56 PM
In response to message 0
Check the autoexc.bat file (you.ll probably find it there) and run= and load= lines in win.ini (with Start, run, enter msconfig). Larry

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