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Hardware check on boot up not centered on display
quig Mar-07-02 03:12 AM
LAST EDITED ON Mar-07-02 AT 03:15 AM (EST)
On boot, after POST, the hardware check that appears on the display is not centered. About an inch of text on the left margin is not viewable. When win 98 loads, it is fine. It's just the hardware listing and related pre-OS text. Any ideas on the cause and a fix?

2. RE: Hardware check on boot up not centered on display
lbyard Mar-07-02 02:41 PM
In response to message 0
The horizontal position/size adjustment on the monitor. It could be the horizontal synch (which is usually on the back or inside the monitor).

It shouldn't be centered. It should be left adjusted with a left margin, but all text visible...

Warning! Monitors have very high voltages inside the case and are extremely dangerous. Do not take a monitor apart unless you are qualified to do so. Dangerous (life threatening) shocks are possible even if the power cord is disconnected. The cathode ray tube is also dangerous and can implode causing injury or death. If you do take a monitor apart or handle a monitor, you do so at your own risk.

3. RE: Hardware check on boot up not centered on display
donv Mar-09-02 06:20 PM
In response to message 2
I have seen this problem on quite a few pcs. When pc boots up initially the system uses the default vga driver (640x480). When windows starts it then loads your selected display resolution eg. from 800x600 up to ?2048x1536? depending on monitor size, definition and the state of your eyesight.

It appears that as the resolution increases the monitor's physical settings need to be adjusted to "spread" the picture, usually to the right and down. Ofcourse we all do this automatically, during set up, or (for the richer among us) the system builder will have done it for us. The higher the resolution, the more the adjustment. I think this is probably technically a monitor manufacturing "fault" and is more pronounced the cheaper the monitor, but i may be wrong.

The adjustment, is hardware based, with the effect that when booting, which uses the default dos low res (vga), the image is too far to the left/top and is often distorted.

One or other (low or high res) will need to be distorted, either start up settings or windows settings, or a bit of both. I know my choice!!

If there's a more technical answer, or a way of overcoming this, ("you'll have to degause the matter:anti-matter manifolds captain or she's gonna blow!!") i'd be interested to hear.


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