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Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows Me
joedokes Feb-26-02 11:15 PM
Hello again, Is there any way to get to the dialog box to close background programs, (in Windows Me), other than pressing ctrl+alt+del?
It's taken up to 55 tries with every combination of key sequencing to bring up the box. Hope someone could help. Thank's all.

1. RE: Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows Me
lbyard Feb-27-02 01:32 AM
In response to message 0
Please tell us why you need to do it another way. Broken keyboard? Larry

2. RE: Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows Me
joedokes Feb-28-02 10:52 PM
In response to message 1
Keyboard is fine. I'm having trouble with a XEROX multi-function "WorkCentre M940", less than 6 months old. XEROX sent a removal utility to remove program from registry. (Can't be removed through install/uninstall). The first time it took 40 minutes to accomplish. They sent a refurb unit which is exhibiting the same problems as the first. I've uninstalled suspect programs and went through the reinstall process a few times with same results. The printer will complete one job, then computer must be restarted. <(spool error 32)this was the beginning of the problems with the first unit. Also: 'no printer installed' 'no communication', etc.>. The quickest I've been able to close background programs has been about ten minutes. Everything works fine until this printer is connected. Much lost work, frustrating, and expensive. Thanks

3. RE: Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows Me
lbyard Mar-01-02 11:57 AM
In response to message 2
I know of no substitute for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete sequence and I did spend some time looking. I would demand a refund of the full purchase price and purchase a different printer (and probably spend a little more money to get a good one). Larry


" Software insanely difficult to install
Broken interface and drivers
Grainy photo quality
OCR software lackluster at best"

"...it suffers from cheesy print quality, cheap construction, and a software suite that simply doesn't work properly."

4. RE: Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows Me
joedokes Mar-01-02 09:38 PM
In response to message 3
Thanks again. Printer is a lemon. The reviews I read before buying were glowing. XEROX no longer sells these. No more toll free number for support and email is returned. Now I hear that XEROX is in financial trouble. Miserable experience.
Joe d

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