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Folder View Options
Tezdread Oct-10-00 02:54 PM
Hi there!

This is more of an irritation than a problem I guess.

When ever I view the contents of my drive from within a program, all the folders are now listed in date order by default, but when I view them using My Computer or Explorer they are all listed in alphabetical order, which is the way they should be listed.

I have tried changing all the settings in View - Folder Options and this makes no difference. I can only get the contents to be seen in alphabetical order from within a program by manually selecting Arrange Icons - By Name, but this only has an effect for that time, and the next time I go to open or save as all the contents are back to being in date order?

I'm running win98 se (not the update), no other OS has been installed on here before, and this is some thing that seems to have happened over night, I just can't understand why Explorer would show the contents differently from the programs?

Thanks for any help!

1. Folder View Options
Tezdread Nov-01-00 05:12 PM
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Ok I have got it at last and just incase anyone else comes up with the same problem here is the solution.... After opening explorer and selecting C: in the right window click Name (to put the in decending alphabetical order) then hold down ctrl and close explorer by clicking the x at the yop right of the window. Now reboot to set changes. If it hasn't set the folders/files back to alphabetical order, then go into My Computer and set the View to Details and click Name (again to put the in decending alphabetical order) hold down ctrl and close the window in the same way, and restart your computer!! This should do it, it worked for me

2. RE: Folder View Options
lbyard Nov-01-00 08:03 PM
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I had the same problem and it went away in about a day. As I understand it, windows 98 remembers 28 folder settings, discarding the oldest one, as new setting is entered. Just keep changing them. Maybe someone else has a better answer. I couldn't find one on Microsoft's site, help, etc. Larry

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