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win xp, clone everything to new drive
greggawry Feb-24-02 08:39 PM
I recently loaded xp pro onto a test drive. I had win 98se on the first partition, I loaded xp to the second "d" part. Becuase I read that If you have win 98 on the first part, xp gives you the option to select what os you want to boot to. It did give me an option, when I hit the arrow down to ms windos, the 98 screen logo just keeps going & going. Can I (1) use say part. magic to get rid of the 98 part & just use the xp on the whole drv. or (2) can I clone the xp to a new larger drv. using "drive copy". I know If I wipe the drv. I will probably have to call microsoft, as I registered it on line. what can I do as the "d" part. I loaded it to a "d" part. that is only 2.7 gb, the prime is 11.2 gb. "Larry anyone give me a clue"
Thanks Greg

1. RE: win xp, clone everything to new drive
lbyard Feb-25-02 01:14 PM
In response to message 0
You should be able to reinstall it (on the same computer) without an activation problem. Larry

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