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Help!!! I Can't login to Windows 2000!!!
terenceybw Feb-21-02 10:46 PM
Hi, I'm using Windows 2000 professional with services pack 2 installed inside. Recently my colleague has pass his notebook to me for transfering some files, I've do some changing in his notebook's network properties (Change the Domain and Workgroup) in order for me to log it into my local company's LAN. When everything is done, the notebook reset itself and come to the Windows login screen. When I type the correct password (including many possible capital letter) but it still can't let me login to the windows, why?

Is it anyway to bypassing it? Or to reset a new password? Or any freeware available to solve this kind of problem such as "shareware-passware kit"?


1. RE: Help!!! I Can't login to Windows 2000!!!
shadi Feb-22-02 08:54 AM
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LAST EDITED ON Feb-22-02 AT 09:04 AM (EST)
All you have to do is delete or rename the SAM file in \\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG and what you are left with is an administrator account without a password, it deletes all the accounts other than the administrator.

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