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Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
mac Feb-17-02 09:29 AM
I have had 2k on a PC for over a year, and have installed many application, including a shareware, which i even forgot what it is supposed to enhance! I don't even see it in my add/remove programs, I also dont' see another application which i very much like to delete.

I know general practice used to be not to tweak registry so much. Is there a safe alternative to clean up my O.S.? My system wont' even shut down properly anymore and it's a lil sluggish..


1. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
lbyard Feb-17-02 07:27 PM
In response to message 0
I do a clean install about every six months to a year. Larry

2. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
mac Feb-17-02 10:57 PM
In response to message 1

OK, but if you had several applications with pathces, and data all over the hard disk ( i try to cenralize them as much as possible for single click backup), it's not very efficient to do a clean install (is that what you meant ? prolly reformat too ? )

Now imagine, running that by a customer. The price tag of such job can change customer's mind about it. What do you think ?

There used to be cleansweep or other 3rd party s/w. I like to know what a good approach to this is.

It's amazing how MS puts out the OS, and after one buys the s/w, MS plays no part in supporting the product. I would think , they should have better support on installed O.S. and maintaining them.

From my experience in the past, i am sure M.S. would recommend a fresh install too...

3. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
lbyard Feb-18-02 06:10 PM
In response to message 2
I have never had a problem convincing a customer that that is the best course of action when it is. Of course, my customers get a lot of free time from me also—because I’m a pushover. Larry

4. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
mac Feb-21-02 01:28 PM
In response to message 3
You are the kind and caring type of technician...I try to be for the most part too.

I have had some not so good encounters with some of my clients recently..everyone wants to pay 1/2 of the bill..

I noticed symantec still markets cleansweep, i will be looking for more data on that package. used to have it on w98 pc before..

5. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
lbyard Feb-21-02 02:33 PM
In response to message 4

>I have had some not so good encounters with some of my clients recently..everyone wants to pay 1/2 of the bill..

Be firm and professional or get rid of them if you want to stay in business. If they don't want to pay you for reasonable work, don't work for them. Of course, I write off time that I think went to my everlasting learning curve… You will find a few who intentually setout to get something for nothing. When you stop being their current sucker, they'll dump you in a heartbeat and find another. You will be better off not starting to work for them in the first place. I can usually spot one within minutes after they walk in the door or start a phone conversation.

I would do a clean install, period. I have found that often saves time in the long run. On a lot of computers, you'll spend hours trying to do something else, not get it right, and look incompetent to your customer when the computer repeatedly has problems. Although I have been in this business since 1987, I am open to new ways of doing things and would certainly like to be able to fix really messed-up systems without doing clean installs. Please let me know if you find that magic wand. Larry

6. RE: Win 2k Registry/45k Tune up/clean up.
mac Feb-22-02 04:57 AM
In response to message 5
Thank you Larry for all the time and energy you have put in, to convince me in fresh installs.

One major problem I have had is to estimate the size of a job, and set some realistic target as far as charges which may be involved. Some jobs are impossible, as I have always seen it taken twice as much as I originally anticipated. Current economy also doesn't help as every business is pressed for $$.

My projects usually involve on-site work, so I can't hold the computer until they pay me. To this date, i haven't asked for any money upfront. I believe that happens when customer is planning for a project, not emergency situations. I mostly get called in, when a PC or a Network isn't functioning. and It turns out to be major rather than a minor , which is customer's expectations. I should start asking for some % to start. Thou, i still estimate as I am fixing a computer for my siter or mom!

My last 3 jobs I received 20% to 50% less than I billed for. One of them i even took to small claims, and that's the last one I ever taken to court. Even the judge told me, his wife is self-employed and he wouldn't promote her to do so. I truly got less than what the guy had offered me to settle out of court !! JUdge basically cut the bill in half. He was a computer savy thou, i liked him personally. (Judges aren't very likable, if you know what I mean.. I don't see any patience or respect for general public in them...Note, I used to hang out in traffic courts a lot !!)

Sorry to confuse the thread with Independent contractor 101, but my brother-in-law who is an accountant recently mentioned that small businesses do have a budget for accounting services, but none for computer services. That's so true. I think some standards should be developed and that would force MS and other s/w vendors to clean up their act too.

I have seen a lot of people who would buy a new box, perhaps latest PC from Dell, but not willing to pay for any service.

I find it hard, to get respect from all these lowly small and not so small business owners, but I willl continue this game for now..

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