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Upgrade to XP
ad_pellaeon Feb-14-02 05:58 PM
I have a semi-old Dell computer running Windows 98 and I wish to upgrade to Windows xp. However, there is a slight problem. The version of 98 which I am running is itself the upgrade from Windows 95. Most we-sites that I have seen do not say if XP can upgrade 95, and they say nothing about upgrading an upgrade. I would hate to go and buy the upgrade only to find that I need to then go and purchase the full edition for it to work.
In your experiances, is it possible to upgrade to XP from the 98 upgrade?
Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

1. RE: Upgrade to XP
lbyard Feb-15-02 04:34 PM
In response to message 0
XP will upgrade a Windows 98 upgrade. I would do a clean install. That is, fdsk the drive to take it down to bare metal, create and format new partitions, and then install. That can be done with the Windows XP upgrade and the Windows 98 upgrade CD.

2. RE: Upgrade to XP
computerman2002 Feb-24-02 12:54 PM
In response to message 1
No you can not upgrade from win95. This will not work here is the link.

3. RE: Upgrade to XP
lbyard Feb-25-02 01:11 PM
In response to message 2
I don't think you read this thread carefully. He has upgraded his Windows 95 with the Windows 98 Upgrade. Windows XP WILL upgrade that computer. I'll bet a beer on it. Also, as a possible matter of interest, I have seen Windows 95 as achoice for upgrading when installing the Windows Xp upgrade. However, I have not tried it. Larry

Rough (very) notes from a recent Windows XP Home Clean install:

(See hand-written notes for installing by booting to CD-ROM…

CMOS Setup

Award… Advance BIOS Features

First Boot Device

Page until CDROM


Save and Exit CMOS


Wouldn’t boot on Levell’s computer.)

Startup floppy install…

Installing an Athlon XP Pocessor, EpoX 8KHA+ Motherboard, and Windows XP Pro OEM

Installation Notes: First time Installing Athlon XP, EpoX 8KHA+ motherboard with VIA KT266A chipset, DDR Memory, and released version of Windows XP Pro OEM.

Initial Hardware Configuration:

· Antec KS282 Case with/300 W

· Abit Motherboard

· AMD 1.1 GHz Socket A Thunderbird Athlon Processor CPUID /u code ID 0642/00

· Heatsink-fan like one in how to article

· One 3-pin Antec 80mm chassis fan mounted at rear of case.

· AOpen display

· Drives: Western Digital WD300 30 GByte, 7200 RPM, ATA/100 Hard disk; Sony CRX1611 CD-RW (Master), and Panasonic JU-257A607P 1.44 MByte floppy

Check startup to see if smartdrv.exe is on startup. Can get a copy off the Win 98 CD at D:\win98. It will make file transfers faster (believe me, you will want smartdrv), but is not mandatory.

Fdisk with Win 98 Startup.

Made one 12 gig partition and allocated the rest in a second extended part to logical drive D:.

If you make more than one partition, be sure while in fdisk to make the primary DOS partition, C:, active. Otherwise Win XP{ will not boot after transferring files. If you make only one partition fdsk will automatically make it active. The rest of the drive can be parted after Win XP is installed, but will have to change CD-ROM drive letter before you can make it drive D:.

Rebooted to Startup floppy so partition table would be in affect.

A:\>Format c: (FAT32). Did not transfer system files. Did not assign a volume label. Do not have to format D:. C: has to be formatted or an error message will appear when running winnt saying there is no space for the swap file.

Inserted Win XP CD in CD-ROM drive.

E:\>CD \i386

(may fail the first try. Did on differnet computers and with OEM as well. If so, cd i386 and reenter winnt)

Windows XP Setup

Setup needs to know where the Windows XP files are located.
Enter the path where the Windows XP files are to be found.


ENTER=Continue F3=Exit This box, white on blue background, Goes all the way off secreen


Reads inf file…

Windows XP Personal Setup (double underlines)

Please wait while Setup copies files to your hard disk

Copies files

Copies more files with progress bar

Windows XP Personal Setup

Please wait while Setup copies files to your hard disk

Looks like display in CD install with files being copied in lower right corner, except this one has “Personal Setup”

The MS-DOS based portion of Setup is complete…

Setup copies files. This will take a while. It will take a lot longer without smart drive.

Setup prompts to reboot and says to remove the floppy.
DOS screens…

ENTER to restart

Windows Home Edition Setup

Welcome to Startup

This portion of the Setup Program prepares…

· To set up Windows XP, press ENTER.

· To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console press R.

· To quit…


License agreement…

F8 = I agree

Windows XP Home Edition Setup

Setup cannot find a previous version of windows installed on your computer. To continue, Setup needs to verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product.

Please insert your Windows 3.51, Workstation, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium CD into your CD-ROM drive.

· When the CD is in the drive, press ENTER.

· To quite Setup, press F3.

Yes, it said Windows 95.

Inserted Windows Me Upgrade CD.


Windows XP Home Edition Setup

The following list shows existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.

Choose C:


Setup will install Windows XP on partition…

Convert the partition to NTFS

Leave the current file system intact (no changes)

(No bullets, no spaces)

Removed Windows Me Upgrade CD.

(if you do not put the XP CD in the drive, Setup does not prompt for the XP CD like the boot to CD install. Instead it copies files from the hard disk. Unlike the CD install , it does not need the XP CD from this point onward)

Selected convert

Pressed C in the next menu to convert the partition. ESC would allow selecting another partition or reselecting C: to leave the FAT32 intact.

Examines disk

Copies files

Restarts Windows to GUI interface

Checks disk (similar to scandisk)

Converts C: to NTFS

Restarts Windows

Checks partition again and converts C: to NTFS

Restarts Windows

Says its Installing Windows, 39 minutes remaining…

Regional and Language Options Window. Default is English (United States) and United States.


Name and Organization.


Product Key. Shows a picture of the Product Key sticker and says, “The 25-character Product Key appears on the yellow sticker on the back of your Windows CD folder.”

Entered the Product Key (it isn’t case sensitive)


Setup automatically entered 15-character computer name starting with first name of user followed with hyphen.

You might want to change it to something shorter. The computer name has to be unique on a network segment (e.g., a home network). See http://duxcw.com/faq/network/names.htm for rules on assigning computer names.


Does not ask for admin password like Pro.

If MODEM is installed (see CD install if it isn’t), MODEM dialing info screen.

Entered area code.


Date, Time, Time Zone.


Says it’s installing network.

Network settings screen.

Typical settings

Custom settings

The custom setting pops up a screen much like Network in the Control Panel of Windows 98. Its default is setup for:
Client for Microsoft Networks
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
QoS Packet Scheduler
And TCP/IP set for Auto

That should work for most networks.

I choose the default: Typical Settings


… Copying files.

Installing Start menu items.

Registering components

Saving settings (still reading CD).

Removing temp files.

Restarts Windows.

Prompts to automatically adjust screen resolution.

(It does not do this on all monitors; didn’t on my 17” monitor; did on shop 15”)


Prompts asking if text is OK,

OK (old shop monitor looks good; resolution was 800X600)

Welcome… Let’s spend a few minutes setting-up your computer…


Runs Internet connection wizard.

Prompts activate windows.

Choose no. Will let customer activate.

Prompts for names of people who will use the computer.

Entered customer’s name and no others.


Congratulations… ready to go.



Shutdown and brought back up.

Start, Control Panel, Switch to Classic View, System, Hardware, Device Manger, Checked devices (sigh!). OK.

Closed Device Manger. Computer Name tab in System, Change, selected Domain, added our domain name. Could not find it first try. Retried and it found it. Entered my domain account name and password. OK

If you just click on an unformatted D: drive with Windows Explorer it will prompt to format with all options. This is the easy way. Made D: FAT32. C: is NTFS.

Finish preparing the hard disk drive: Be sure drive letter D: is avialable if you want the new partition to be drive D:. You can do this by partitioning the drive for both partitons with the startup floppy at the outset when doing the Primary partition and then convert the partition when Set-up first runs or change the CD-ROM drive, etc. letters after Windows is installed as follows: Start, Settings, Control Panel (Category View), Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, right-click the CD-ROM drive, Change Drive Letter and Paths..., selct the drive, Change, select the desired drive letter to the right, OK, Yes,
As above..., right click the Unallocated Space on Drive 0, New Partition..., select Extended partition, Next >, Next >, Finish, right-click the new partion (Free space), Logical drive, Next >, Next >, Drive D should be automatically indicated, Next, leave the defaults for NTFS, Next >, Finish, and it will format the partition without further intervention.

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