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drivers for windows 2k and nt?
Alistair Feb-07-02 12:16 PM
Ok im not too sure whether this should go here so i apologise if not.
Ive just bought a second hand cd-wr drive...its a memorex 2216 and was wondering about drivers for it. Everything that should be in the box is in the box!!
It says that the drive is supported by windows 95, 98 and NT. Ive seen on websites that this drive can be used under windows2000. Ive never actually seen any drivers that specifically say win2k. in fact in the box there is a copy of adaptec cd creator..is it just the software for creating cds that is the "driver" software or do i need totally seperate drivers? if i get an option should i choose windows NT as the operating system as i will be running windows 2000.
Thaks for looking and any assistance..

1. RE: drivers for windows 2k and nt?
lbyard Feb-07-02 06:30 PM
In response to message 0
>should i choose windows NT...

Windows 2000 is a more recent version of Windows NT 4.0. Microsoft changed the name. So is XP, but it is fussier than 2000 about drivers. Larry

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