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Windows 2000 slave drive
rsierra Jan-31-02 09:32 PM
Hello to all. I have just install Win2k on a box. The machine has a 20gig hard drive and I have added my second drive that is only 3 gigs. When I go in at look at it with FDISK the second drive shows all 3 gigs and that it is FAT32. When you look in the BIOS you see the same. I have also used partition magic to view the devices and get the same info. When I boot into Win2k and look in my computer it show the drive only being 2 gigs and that it is FAT. Does anyone have any ideas?


1. RE: Windows 2000 slave drive
lbyard Jan-31-02 10:19 PM
In response to message 0
Well, it wouldn't be the fist time Windows (Explorer) has lied about the size of a partition... And when it lies, it usually "says" 2 GB. It either thinks it is a FAT16 partition, which has a 2 GB limit, or it is lying. Try looking at the volume with Start, Settings, Control Panel, My Computer, Properties, Administrative Tools, Storage, Disk Management, or is that what you looked at with? If it still says 2 GB, try installing the latest 2K service pack. It fixed at least one volume limitation problem (http://duxcw.com/faq/win/ntfs.htm). Let us know what you find-out, OK? Larry

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