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Unable to change display properties
j_armour Dec-29-01 09:59 AM
In safe mode i somehow set the resolution and colour depth to 640 X 480 and 16 colours. And wen i rebooted my computer it was set to 640 X 480 and 16 colours. In display properties i changed the settings, then it prompted me to restart my computer, and wen it had loaded up it was the same, 16 colours and 640 X 480.

How do i get my resolution and colour back to high colour 16 bit and 800 X 600???

1. solution to "Unable to change display properties"
j_armour Dec-30-01 09:57 AM
In response to message 0
The solution to this problem was to simply disable user profiles. This way all resolutions and colour depths are the same, thus able to be changed.

1. Restart the computer. At the windows logon screen, click Cancel.

2. Click "Start", point to "settings", click "Control panel", and then double-click "Passwords".

3. On the "User Profiles" tab, click "All users of the same preferences and desktop", and then click "ok."

4. When you are prompted to restart the computer, do so.

5. once the copmputer has finished loading up you will then be able to change the display settings as normal. Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>Settings Tab.

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