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Win 98
keithbraithwaite Dec-15-01 07:49 PM
I just installed a new hard disk on a Maxdata Performance 8016D+ which has an ATI Xpert Rage 128VR card and an internal modem.
I can't seem to configure the display - I only get 16 colors with all the correct card files installed and I can't budge the arrow to increase the pixel count - I'm stuck on 640 x 480
Is there any way round this?
I also cannot configure the internal Modem. How can I force Windows to find an internal Modem? I'm using an older external modem for the moment.
Any help gratefully accepted

1. RE: Win 98
lbyard Dec-16-01 04:21 PM
In response to message 0
>I can't seem to configure the display…

Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Display Adapters… Be sure only one is installed. Select the adapter, Properties, Driver, Update Driver, select Specify a location… and point Windows to the CD or floppy with the driver.

>How can I force Windows to find an internal Modem?

I would go into the computer CMOS Setup and disable the serial ports. Go to the Device Manger and delete the serial port drivers and MODEMs with exclamation marks. Reboot and see if Windows detects the MODEM. If not, repeat the foregoing in the device manager and then use Add New Hardware to install the MODEM manually. Move the MODEM to another PCI slot if it still doesn’t work and repeat. The MODEM could be bad. Larry

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