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dual boot problem with 98 se and xp
sellmerch Dec-06-01 01:03 AM
I have two hard drives 1 with 98 se and the other with XP. Both OS's run fine when I disconnect the other from the sytem. I loaded bootmagic on computer so thatI could have a dual boot system. My problem is that bootmagic allows me to boot to C: drive (98se) with no problems but when I try to boot to D: drive (XP) my computer immediately reboots and goes back to the bootmagic startup screen,I can select D: drive(XP) again and the computer reboots again and I am back where I started. If I select C:drive (98se) it boots up fine to my C: drive which has 98se on it. Please help.

1. Dual Boot
falconb1 Dec-07-01 04:00 AM
In response to message 0
I wish I were at the point that you are now. However, I have ordered Windows XP and it has not arrived yet. I intend to run a dual boot with my current system - MicronPC Millennia XP 1.0 GHz and Win98se. Sorry I don't have the experience as yet.

What version of PartitionMagic do you have? Mine is v7. I'm checking with the vendor as to the status of my shipment.


2. RE: Dual Boot
sellmerch Dec-07-01 12:54 PM
In response to message 1
Good Luck, I can tell you from experience that it has been a total nightmare.It took me 12 hours straight to even get XP to load and boot. I first installed XP over 98 se on my first hardrive which at the time was my only harddrive. Alot of things did not work right, video, sound, USB devices etc. Tried to upgrade drivers. Alot of manufacturers don't even offer drivers yet for XP. Easy CD creator makes you buy upgrade for there software if you have older version 3.0 .So I chose to buy second hardrive and use dual boot till everything catches up to XP. Now I can't get dual boot to work properly. I am using the most current version of Partition Magic bought it with hardrive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3. RE: Dual Boot
Scott_22 Dec-19-01 00:48 AM
In response to message 2
Yesterday I made a new partition after C (which has 98 1st edition) using partition magic 7. Upon installing XP, WP wouldnt install to new partition but I could delete new partition and then reformat it (in XP Pro installation. I chose quik FAT format and ended up with Fat 16--so now I need to figure out how to convert to Fat 32!!

Any sugestons?? I havn't tinkered with that problem yet.

Well anyways with 98 on c and XP on d--during boot up I get to choose which os to load up. It's very easy, I thought I would have to use Power Quest Boot. BTW--this is my first experiance with 2 os's.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays

4. RE: Dual Boot
lbyard Dec-19-01 04:30 PM
In response to message 3
It probably chose FAT16 because the partition is small and does not require FAT32. If that is the case there is no advantage in converting it FAT32. Start, right-click My Computer, Manage, Storage, Disk Management, right-click the Volume, Properties Larry

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