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Windows XP Run Function
fkheng Dec-03-01 01:16 PM
Besides 'msconfig', what other system tools can be loaded from the 'run' function under the start menu?

1. RE: Windows XP Run Function
lbyard Dec-03-01 04:57 PM
In response to message 0
They should be pretty much the same as NT and 2000… One is ipconfig, which is the not so nice equivalent of winipcfg. Believe regedit is the same. Now that you have asked this question, you are going to compile a list and post it for all of us, right? Larry

2. RE: Windows XP Run Function
fkheng Dec-03-01 05:42 PM
In response to message 1
hm.....list of?
Okay, as far as I can gather, the commands which should work are 'cmd', 'regedit', 'msconfig', and er.....i'm unsure, probably 'ipconfig'. From what I know, winipcfg, doesn't work on Win 2k and later OSs.

5. RE: Windows XP Run Function
lbyard Dec-03-01 07:21 PM
In response to message 2
Yes, ipconfig is another infamous attempt/throw back by Microsoft to make a “really great” product that is ‘easier’ to use for the “rest of us” = “idiots with money.” Guess they are too lazy and totally focused on “it’s like printing money” to take the time to port a real nice and handy utility like winipcfg.

There are many many more “run commands.” How do you find them?

Hint #1: C:\>H---

And that’s not all of them by far…

Hint #2: St---, H---- and S------ “command line ref------“


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