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Layers upon layers upon layers ...
julle_da_costa Nov-29-01 03:20 PM

I have bought a XP Home upgrade since my Toshiba Portege (Celeron 400 MHz, 128MB RAM, 6GB HD, external Archos DVD ROM) is running Win ME.

The thing is that my WIn ME installation is an upgrade from a previous Win 98SE (that came preinstalled on my portable). To complicate matters further the Win98SE was Swedish, the Win ME was english and (I believe) the Xp is Swedish.

Will this work at all or I am trying to do the impossible?

(A vague question I know, but any comments are welcome.)



1. RE: Layers upon layers upon layers ...
lbyard Nov-29-01 06:01 PM
In response to message 0
I would backup and clean-install the upgrade. I will publish a how-to shortly (promise!). Larry

2. RE: Layers upon layers upon layers ...
julle_da_costa Dec-02-01 12:57 PM
In response to message 1
Hi all,

I tried to do my XP home install this weekend. It stopped immediately saying that my language version was different from the one that I was trying to install.

So I suppose that your suggestion Larry would be the best one. But then my question is: Can you really do a clean install from an XP home upgrade?

As the name implies ("upgrade") it sounds if it requires some kind of preexisting OS on your computer.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I will get the boot disks from MS and give it a try.


4. RE: Layers upon layers upon layers ...
lbyard Dec-02-01 07:38 PM
In response to message 2
See "4 Ways to Clean-Install the Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade" posted in this forum this date. I don't know if there will be problems with the language of your previous version of Windows. Larry

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