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Win95 boot up problem
kamlesh Nov-26-01 01:40 PM
I am running Windows 95A on my pentium 133 pc and it boots ok in safe mode.
When I try to boot to normal, it goes through the memory test and then sees the cdrom and sits there doing nothing. It seems like it is hanging up there. I cannot get past that.
Also I am trying to correct a run32dll error when I go to cntrol panel, display, settings it gives me the RUN32dll error.
I looked in the display under my cpmputers, properties.
there are 2 video drives, I have diamond stealth 64 2100 card.
How do I go about unistallin the drivers and reinstalling it again.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you

Kam Darbar

1. delete drivers...
tpeter Nov-26-01 06:06 PM
In response to message 0
if you have your video card driver than it is very easy to do:

in the computer properties, select the video card that you want to delete and click on remove at the bottom.
you properly need to reboot you computer.
win95 support PnP so after rebooting, win95 will ask for the driver if not already came with win95.

2. RE: Win95 boot up problem
lbyard Nov-26-01 06:21 PM
In response to message 0
Boot to the DOS prompt and rename the autoexec.bat and config.sys files; e.g.,

C:\>ren autoexec.bat autoexec.dux

If that fixes the problem, ren the config.dux file back to config.sys. If the problem is still gone edit the autoexec.bat file…

C:\>edit autoexec.bat

…and start remarking-out lines one at a time by putting rem followed by a space in front of each line until you find the line that is causing the problem.

Otherwise, rem-out lines in the config.sys file.

How do I go about unistallin the drivers and reinstalling it again.

Try removeing one of them with the Remove button in the Device Manager and reboot. You may loose your display when you remove the driver. Just turn it off. Or, “feel” your way to the Task Manger with Ctrl-Alt-Delete and shutdown blind like I do. Larry

3. RE: Win95 boot up problem
nctatou Dec-02-01 10:48 AM
In response to message 2
I had this problem on an older machine (133 and Win 95)
I could continue booting when I opened the CDROM tray.
After that I found that if i installed the CD rom as slaven the second IDE , it would boot without problems.
Another thing that could help is to find drivers for your specific motherboard (driver for bus mastering)


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