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win98se setup
spudbudy Nov-15-01 06:09 PM
I've done all the things you stated and when I try a clean install of win98se either way I get a message this program requires microsoft windows.
cannot continue after this point I stuck any idea's

1. RE: win98se setup
lbyard Nov-15-01 10:11 PM
In response to message 0
You did this? Larry

"It will then allow you to browse to a drive/directory where the old version of Windows is located. If you have Windows 3.x or 95 on floppy, remove your Startup Floppy, if it is still in A:, insert floppy 1 of the old version of Windows in the floppy drive and point setup to the floppy drive. If you have the old version on CD, remove the Win 98 CD, insert the old Windows CD, and point setup to d:\, where d: is your CD-ROM drive. I have found that setup won't always find what it is looking for the first time you point it at the drive containing the old version of Windows. Point again; you may have to do it several times, but it should eventually take..."

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