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clean install of win98se from harddrive xcopy cab files
elmatador Nov-09-01 03:59 AM
I want to perform a clean install of win98se to my harddrive but copy the files to the harddrive first.

my friend did it for me and is unavailable to do it again. when i try to install from the cdrom drive windows has problems.

Please i need the difinitive no fail way to copy the files over and then setup. i've seen different people post different ways of doing it(some using xcopy and some using other ways including wierd commands like *.*). Im pretty good with windows but kind of and idiot when it comes to using dos to copy files and of that sort. i am a command prompt idiot! i was told xcopy has to be installed to my startup disk which doesnt include xcopy normally.

if someone can lay it out step by step and show what each step does(i want to learn not just do) as if i am a 5 yr old idiot, that would be ##### cool. it might take a guru but i know there are ones out there.

2. RE: clean install of win98se from harddrive xcopy cab files
lbyard Nov-09-01 04:58 AM
In response to message 0
I can't explain the process any better than I did here: http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/upgrade/intro.htm. The procedure is pretty much the same for all versions of Windows 98 SE. Hope it helps. Larry

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