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Windows ME
teebucket Sep-18-00 06:45 PM
I upgraded Windows 98 SE to Windows ME. I have a 700 Mhz Athlon, 128 meg of ram, SB live sound card and 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 with 32 meg SDRAM. The install went great. Once that was finish I try to use screen savers and it would lock up. I went to the MS support site and said there is a problem and make sure that the screen saver match the desktop theme. I did that and it work. I then tried to launch games that use 3D and the system would lock up. I tried to open help and it would lock up. I tried to open video editing software and it would lock up. I uninstalled the peice of junk and everything work fine. Do you have any clues to fix this problem with Windows ME. Are other people having any problems? I have never had so many problems with a upgrade. Thanks

1. RE: Windows ME (second flame !!!)
lbyard Sep-18-00 07:35 PM
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I have had it installed on my computer for a couple of weeks or so and with one exception I am not having any problems. That exception is speed and it is intolerable. Oh, sure, it starts-up a little faster than 98, but everything else starts and runs slower. Opening applications and files can take noticeably longer. I have two more articles to write on Me, for the benefit of those people who will be stuck with it when they buy a new computer, and off it comes (just like SE). Win 98 (not SE) seems to be the best Windows so far. Larry

2. RE: Windows ME
afterx Sep-20-00 07:09 PM
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Hi, I've found that win98me recognize from itself the nvidia chipset based card. With your video card you haven't to install the cd bundled with the card or you'll have various problem.
So, don't install any other cd.
One friend told me that he used detonator driver without problem.
(I think you done it but if don't, remember to load the motherboard cd after the win98me installation or win98me will not be able to use the agp bus as well).
Good Luck

3. i hear ya Teebucket
k5jet Oct-05-00 03:44 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Oct-05-00 AT 03:46 PM (GMT)

i (stupidly) paid 180 bucks for the full version and what have i got? :
1. 640 x 480 only
2. 16 colors (not 16 bit)
3. no modem
4. no USB ZIP
5. my can full of Micro$oft and Billy Goat Gates

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