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Emachine & WIN 98
DAM Oct-25-01 04:14 AM
Does anyone know if you need to have an Emachines restore disk? Or can you just format and do a clean install with a new Windows O/S 98 or other? DAM

2. RE: Emachine & WIN 98
lbyard Oct-25-01 04:11 PM
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One should be able to do a clean Windows install on the E-Machines I have seen; however, there may some problems with finding and installing some of the drivers if they are not on the Windows CD—especially, if the motherboard has on-board audio and video. Larry


3. RE: Emachine & WIN 98
DAM Oct-25-01 11:32 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Oct-25-01 AT 11:35 PM (GMT)

Your right about the on board audio & video which are enable in bios.Florida-TG/TGA Micro ATX (ATX V1.2 form factor) motherboard.Thanks for the quick response and the site to check out. I have not had to work on an Emachine yet, guess I'll get a new experiance. DAM

4. RE: Emachine & WIN 98
DT71 Feb-02-02 03:18 AM
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I've had 2 emachines. The first one used rage pro video chipset, this one now uses Intel 810 chipset
Both boxes use crystal audio. 1st machine was a 333id, present is 533id. Try this link
Hope this helps. Good luck, Dave

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