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Windows 98 loading problems
Musmach3 Sep-14-00 08:47 PM
I formated the hard drive on a computer in my computer lab to get rid of tons of junk that was on the computer. I did not have the system recovery disc, because I knew I could load Windows from DOS. Well, I got to the DOS screen and it doesn't recognize the CD-ROM because there are no drivers for it. Would you please tell me how I could get a driver on the computer for the CD-ROM. Does Windows have a universal CD-ROM driver, and if so, would you please tell me where it is located?

1. RE: Windows 98 loading problems
lbyard Sep-14-00 08:58 PM
In response to message 0
Firstů If you have Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition, go into your computer's CMOS Setup and see if you can set it to boot to the CD-ROM drive. Those two versions of Windows, not earlier versions or Windows Me, can boot directly from the CD without a driver if the CMOS supports it. The CD-ROM drive will come-up as drive A:. Just type setup at the prompt or whatever. Also, there was another posting to this Forum on the same problem within the last day or so and I answered it with additional steps you may take if you cannot boot to the Windows CD. Larry

2. RE: Windows 98 loading problems
afterx Sep-20-00 07:19 PM
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bundled with the original packaging of the second version there's a floppy. If you find a copy of this floppy you'll solve the problem. Once it boot a menu appear you can choose from three option. Choose the second and the floppy will load the cd driver.
Like second chance use the original cd of the second edition or millenium. This is a bootable cd and have on it a copy of the floppy that I was talking.

3. RE: Windows 98 loading problems
lbyard Sep-20-00 07:52 PM
In response to message 2
I tested the Win Me CD on two computers with two different motherboards and two different CD-ROM drives. It did not boot. Yes, I did set the CMOS to boot to the CD-ROM drive. Also other bootable CDs (e.g., Win 98) do boot off these machines. Conclusion: the Retail version of the Windows Me CD (or at least the one I have) is not bootable. If anyone has booted to the Win Me CD I would surely appreciate a post or E-Mail and the version info. See http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/software/windows/winme/install/inst.html for How to Install Windows Me. Larry

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