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ad_pellaeon Oct-17-01 03:52 AM
When I recently networked my computers, I needed to add a user for my Windows 98 First Edition, I created a new user, and created a password. When I logged out and attempted to log in using the new username and password, however, the computer said that there was an error reading the password file and it had been deleted. I clicked OK, and then the computer booted up to the standard window. However, a message box popped up and said 'There is an error with the system regestry. Windows will now restart and automatically repair the files. Now, whenever I attempt to use my network, it says that I need to log in. However, I cannot because the passwords don't work. Any suggestions on how to get the users and passwords working again? Thanks in advance.

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lbyard Oct-17-01 04:32 AM
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Search c:\windows for all files ending with .pwl and rename them so they end wilt something other than *.pwl. The PassWord List files also contain passwords windows has “memorized” for your Internet connection, web sites, etc. and they will be lost when the files are renamed. If there is more than one .pwl file you may want to try renaming them back one-at-time and rebooting until the problem reappears, to find-out which one is causing the problem. Larry

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