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How do you delete entries from DOS run line in Win 9x??
taboma Oct-13-01 05:01 AM
In Win 9x from start button. To <RUN> dos command box. I need to know how to delete those entries from the drop down box. Could it be a registry key? A command I don't know? Really would like the answer to this. Thanks for your help in advance.

1. RE: How do you delete entries from DOS run line in Win 9x??
lbyard Oct-13-01 04:55 PM
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This was posted in this forum a long time ago: "TweakUI.INF (submitted by Matt Thyng). There's an incredibly handy utility on every Win98 disc called TweakUI (User Interface). Do a filesearch for TweakUI.INF on the CD, and then right click on it and choose "Install". The program will be installed in your Control Panel, and lets you customize Windows, including Icons, startup/shutdown screens, clearing various caches automatically, etc. Very handy for any type of user."

It is on the Win 98 CD at D:\tools\reskit\powertoys. It can also be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/ntworkstation/downloads/powertoys/networking/nttweakui.asp. Once installed, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, double-click the TweakUI icon, select the Paranoia (and appropriate name?) tab, check Clear Run history at login, and restart Windows. On my computer running Windows Me I had to reboot for it to take affect; the Clear Selected Items Now button did not work (even after clicking the Apply button). The Windows Me CD does no have the resource kit or TweakUI. Larry

2. RE: How do you delete entries from DOS run line in Win 9x??
taboma Oct-14-01 07:25 AM
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Thank you for the info. This is my first couple of days on this site. It will take time for me to get up to speed.

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