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win2k server
tedg Oct-11-01 08:52 PM
I plan to install win2k server on my lan. It asks me WHEATHER I want to set up a domain or workgroup,
what should I do? I have 2 other pc on my LAN and just want to host some web pages on my server(IIS5.0), my host pc has cable internet connection.


1. RE: win2k server
lbyard Oct-12-01 10:49 PM
In response to message 0
TEd, Most cable service providers do not allow a web server on the connection and they can detect them. My provider will first warn me and cut me off if I do it. What you do is your decision. A domain will give you more security features, but makes the network a little more complicated. In my opinion, most small home LANs donít need one. I have not played with IIS in over a year, have not tried to run it without a domain controller (I used windows NT server), and donít know what complications, if any, that could present. Normally you would need a registered domain name for a web server and a static IP address from your provider, but I think (not sure) IIS can handle that without a domain controller on the local LAN. Windows 2000 Pro also has IIS. Larry

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