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No sound at start-up
Gentgeen Sep-12-00 04:19 AM
I have a Win98SE machine. Recently, everytime I start the compter I have no sound. I go to the volume icon in the lower right, and the volume has been turned all the way down. If I double click on it I have 4 volume knobs (playback,Wav, Dac2 and Aux2(CD)) and all of these are all the way down as well. To get sound, I have to turn each on of these up everytime I start Windows. I know this is not a major problem, but it is really annoying. Could anyone help??

1. RE: No sound at start-up
lbyard Sep-12-00 04:28 AM
In response to message 0
See if the soundcard manufacturer has updated drivers for the board. Windows Knowledge Base Article Q241092 http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q241/0/92.ASP?LN=EN-US&SD=gn&FR=0 may apply. Larry

2. RE: No sound at start-up
Gentgeen Sep-16-00 08:40 PM
In response to message 1
That didn't work. I used the Windows update feature and I used the update driver feature (from device manager). Do you have anyother ideas? Would it just be best if I uninstalled the drivers and then reinstalled them?
My machine is mostly as-is from the factory. I have only added a network card (which I do not have working yet) and I increased the RAM from 32 to 160.

3. RE: No sound at start-up
lbyard Sep-18-00 02:40 AM
In response to message 2
I'd give it try. Larry

4. RE: No sound at start-up
Gentgeen Sep-22-00 03:37 AM
In response to message 3
That seems to have done the trick. Thanks

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