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Enable SPDIF (Digital Audio) in Win98
johanvandyck Sep-18-01 07:58 AM
Hi all

I'd just baught a brand new PC with Pioneer DVD Rom, Plextor CDRW and a Soundblaster Live in it.
However, after installing the SPDIF calbe from my pioneer to my soundcart, it couldn't enable 'use of digital sound' in my operating system: control panel, multimedia, CD-audio. This option is grayed out. The same is true if a replug the calble from my plextor to my soundcard.

I checked my CD-installations, they both work fine (except digital sound), and no option could be set.

Does anyone had the same problem before? How to enable this? Seggestions of places to look? Is it possible it forgot to switch some features on my motherboard (ASUS)?

Many thanks


1. RE: Enable SPDIF (Digital Audio) in Win98
lbyard Sep-18-01 03:21 PM
In response to message 0
Check-out “Unlock the Features of Digital I/O Card On Your SoundBlaster Live here: http://www.soundblaster.com/resources/read.asp?ArticleID=33&PartID=1. Page 5:

“Open the Sound Blaster Live! mixer's Playback Controls view and ensure that the SPDIF Input is enabled. Start the playback, then adjust the levels via the Sound Blaster Live! mixer to the desired level. You can also apply environmental audio effects, or position the sound within the 4 speaker environment during playback.”

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