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Which browser for Linux?
rlee Sep-17-01 06:58 AM

I`ve loaded differant versions of Linux and have always been unhappy with the performance of the default browser(Netscape). I know that the newer versions of Linux most all have the new KDE desktop that comes with supposadly a better browser(Which I have not tried). Also, Opera has come out of Beta and is supposed to run cleaner and faster. I would like to hear from you Linux blokes about this. Like, how is the speed, stability, does any of the choices not try to be all things to all people(ending up being nearly nothing)Etc. Let`s hear from you all.
Thanks, Richard

1. RE: Which browser for Linux?
PaulH Oct-29-01 09:20 PM
In response to message 0
I've found that Mozilla, the open source version of Netscape, is a great improvement over Netscape in terms of usability--i.e., you can actually *read* the New York Times on-line with it!

I think that most Linux distributions now include Mozilla, and I'd personally use it over Netscape any time. Hmm... matter of fact, I do. 8-)


2. RE: Which browser for Linux?
emaruyama Nov-20-01 01:23 AM
In response to message 0
hey there, how´s it going?

> I`ve loaded differant versions
>of Linux and have always
>been unhappy with the performance
>of the default browser(Netscape). I

hmm, i´m using OPERA...

BTW, there´s a version for most OS in use nowadays...

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