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Opening Exe. Files
Scott_22 Sep-13-01 08:44 PM

A buddy of mines pc (Windows 98 2nd ed) displays the open with dialog box when trying to open a exe. file. I searched Microsofts web site and couldn't find much info. My question is what program should he use to open exe. files and then he can select always open with this? Or maybe he's missing a dll. file?

Thank You -- hopefully theres a easy solution

1. RE: Opening Exe. Files
lbyard Sep-13-01 10:38 PM
In response to message 0
One does not open .exe files with a program. .exe files are programs. It should excute or produce an error if it isn't excutable, not a dialogue box. What is it and how is he trying to open it? Does it happen with all .exe files? Larry

2. RE: Opening Exe. Files
Scott_22 Sep-14-01 02:09 AM
In response to message 1


They are what I call gags. For example, click here for your free beverage holder from Coke and then your cd reader opens. Elfe bowling, ect. He is only having trouble with exe. files. He double clicks to open them and I had him try right clicking once the choose open. To no avail.
Also, just remembered his other problem. He can not open these exe. files while they are still in Outlook Express -- nothing happens. He has to save them to disk first.
I think I'll have him check the properties and see if they are still the same size that they are when I e-mailed them. I'll also give him one on floppy to see if they will open that way. I'm grasping at straws. I'm the guro at work (construction site), everbody asks me there pc questions. And no, I'm not a guro, just happen to know more than the other guys.

Thanks Again, Scott

btw-the 22 in my user name is my favorite NASCAR Winston Cup drivers car number.

3. RE: Opening Exe. Files
lbyard Sep-14-01 05:41 PM
In response to message 2
Be careful! Those Outlook files could be harboring a worm (virus). I don't open them unless I know the sender, know they are sending me something specific, and scan them first. Clicking some .exe files will not produce a visible result or may produce something that opens and closes so fast that you do not see/notice the result. Larry

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