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Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-07-01 03:36 PM
I have a HP which came as a complete bundled software system when I bought it. The OS is Win98. My hard drive crashed! To make a long story short, I recently bought a new 40gig Western Digital hard drive as a replacement. However, I noticed I have NO original Win98 CD to install my operating system. I have the book, with the authenticity stamp on it, but no CD. All I have is this 2 disk recovery set! I called a friend with a similiar setup, and he also did not get a CD with his system, just the recovery CD's as well. Is is normal? Can I use the 2 recovery CD's to set up my operating system, and how? I don't really care about the other software on the recovery CD's, just the OS. Thanks for any help, MJ.

2. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
lbyard Sep-07-01 04:46 PM
In response to message 0
The recovery HP CDs I have seen will restore the computer to the state is was in when it was purchased. They do install Windows. You may have to fdisk the drive and create a partition first, Iím not sure. Just put the CD in the CD drive and turn on the computer. Believe it boots to the CD and pops-up a screen. Believe the CD becomes drive A: I do not recall whether or not the there were separate Win CDís with the HP computers I worked on. Larry

3. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-07-01 05:25 PM
In response to message 2
Tried your suggestion. It seemed to be a good one, a recovery started to take place. However, an error message came up saying the hard disk was not recognized, not formated, loose cables, etc... I used the Data Lifeguard program that came with the Western Digital Hard Drive and ran through the proper procedures several times. At the end (just as the manual said), the drive is now formated, partitioned and ready to install the OS. I have the jumper set as the drive being the only drive in the system and all the cables are firmly in place. Any suggestions could save my weekend. Thanks, MJ.

4. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
lbyard Sep-07-01 06:54 PM
In response to message 3
Use a Startup floppy or just a DOS boot floppy (http://duxcw.com/digest/Fromshop/software/windows/startup/startup.htm) to see if you can see the drive from the DOS prompt. What is the model number of the computer? Iíll be here for a while. I donít promise time on weekends, but it shouldnít take that long. Larry

5. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-08-01 02:55 AM
In response to message 4
O.K., I did have a win98 startup floppy, and used it to start win98. Then the menu came up and asked me if I wanted to start win98 with cd support, without cd support, or cancel setup or something like that. I chose with CD support and the system was acting like it was accepting the CD until it came up with an message saying the hard drive was not present, or cable not in correct, or virus infected, etc.. Just in case I brought home a hard drive (none came with an OS CD either) from work and put it in my system and everything booted and ran correctly. In fact, that is the system I am using at this moment. After the message I stated above came up, I was given an A prompt. I tried fdisk at that prompt, and got a NO FIXED DISK PRESENT message. Then I tried C prompt and fdisk, same message appeared. I already have used the Data Lifeguard utilities to setup my partitions and format, but maybe something is up with my new hard drive. Any advice on this headache in the making. MJ

6. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
lbyard Sep-09-01 05:13 PM
In response to message 5
Do you see the drive being detected by the BIOS as the computer boots? Check cables. Remove all jumpers on the hard disk (WD drives become a Master with no Slave Present with no jumpers). No other drives on the cableÖ Run lifeguard again. Write all zeros to the drive. Test the drive with lifeguard. If it fails, record code and return drive. If it passes, boot to the Startup floppy. Do this:

A:\>fdisk /mbr

Run fdisk again

Create partitions and format with the Start up floppy (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/buildcom/socka/13.htm).

Verify that they are presentÖ
No directories there, of course.

7. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-12-01 03:48 PM
In response to message 6
Larry, here's something interesting. The motherboard in the HP is an AX59PRO. I bought the computer as a bundle, but apparently the motherboard isn't the origional, I'd have to check with the guy. Anyways, the Bios does not detect the WD hard drive. I tested the WD with the WD Lifeguard Diagnostics and it came up with no errors and a code of 0000. So it passed. However, upon restarting to install the operating system the bios still didn't recognize any hard drive present. I removed all jumpers and check the connections, all were ok. I restarted to run the bios and again no primary master was present. I found the motherboard manual for the AX59PRO and the 40 gig WD should be compatible. Maybe I am not configuring the bios correctly. Any advice?

8. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
lbyard Sep-12-01 06:48 PM
In response to message 7
Try finding a CMOS reset jumper on the motherboard. It usually has three pins. With the computer off, move the jumper to the other two pins and leave it there for several minutes. What is the hard disk model number? Larry

9. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-12-01 07:16 PM
In response to message 8
I will reset the CMOS jumper as soon as I get home, I know right where it is. The hard disk is:

Model: WDC WD400BB-00AUA1
s/n: WD WMA6R1352150

Build date: 09-Oct-00
Firmware: 18.20D18
C H S: 77545 16 63

The motherboard is:

Award PCI/PNP 586
s/n: 126713585 1998

Thanks, MJ.

10. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
mjdem Sep-14-01 00:29 AM
In response to message 8
Larry, I reset the CMOS and still my hard drive was not detected. In fact, the auto detect feature doesn't even detect my drive at all. I have tried setting the USER values manually also and still no detection on boot up. I have tried both AUTO and LBA detections and again, no detection. Yet running Lifeguard Utilities shows my hard drive is in good order, setup and formatted and contains no errors. When I put a different hard disk in (a Quantum Bigfoot 2 gig? from the office) the drive is detected on boot up and proceeds to load windows properly, and all works fine. Do I need to upgrade the BIOS. According the the manual, I should not need to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MJ.

11. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
lbyard Sep-14-01 05:33 PM
In response to message 10
BTW, the AX59PRO motherboard is made by AOPen (http://www.aopen.com/tech/download/mbbios/ax59pro.htm). I didnít realize your motherboard is that old. I suspect the motherboard/BIOS. The drive may have to be programmed to run ATA/33. We need to determine where the problem is. Have we tried this drive on another computer to see if another computer detects it? That is what I would do here. You do not need to mount the drive. Just lay it up-side-down so the printed circuit board is not shorted-out. Larry

12. RE: Help! Re-install Win98 using Recovery Disk?
markyamb Sep-15-01 09:20 PM
In response to message 11
LAST EDITED ON Sep-15-01 AT 09:20 PM (GMT)

Once you get your hard drive working you may come across another problem using the recovery cd.
I changed the harddrive in my old Pavilion i did the format and recover option and it formatted the drive to the orginal size (6.4GB) when i fitted a 15GB.

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