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Boot Problems ME.
lesbentley Sep-06-01 08:20 AM

I do a little bit of computer repairs . I had just install Win ME, MS Word, and Excel 2000, on an old Cyrex machine with 2 HDD’s, every thing seemed to check out OK, it had been booted several times in the process of installing software.

Then disaster struck. I installed PC-cillin 2000, when it rebooted it ran SCANDISKW reporting an incorrect shut down, I cancelled out of SCANDISK and rebooted, going into the BIOS (AMI ver 05.05 15.07.95), and seting the 1st boot drive to Floppy (I had set it to the CD to install ME).

When I tried to reboot I’t wouldn’t giving “Pri Master HDD Error”, a string
appeares at the bottom of the screen.

I tried:
Re-detecting the HHD’s in BIOS.
Numeous combinations of boot devices.

Then I removed the second HDD (D:) the machine booted into ME the first time, I went into BIOS and auto detected the HDD just to be sure the BIOS knew this was my primary boot disk. When I rebooted I got the same error message “Pri Master HDD Error”

I had saved a copy of the CMOS settings to floppy and restored this. The PC booted into ME, I shut down and rebooted “Pri Master HDD Error” I also noticed the srring;
at the bottom of the screen?

At the moment the first boot device is set to Floppy , the second to IDE-0, the third to CDROM.

The PC will not boot to either the floppy or hard drive (I haven’t tryd the CD yet).

It gets stranger!
1). I now soft boot with CTRL-ALT-DEL, the PC boots into the floppy (win98 ver 4.10 I don’t have an ME boot disk) I take the floppy out and soft boot again, I get the message

Searching boot record from floppy..not found
Searching boot record from IDE-0..OK

Then theME splash screen, then the above message again.

Then a blank screen, then the same message, another blank screen, the same message, and finall it boots into ME, if I restart ME from the shut down menu it will boot back to ME, but only after 3 iterations of the above message. If I shut down and power off nad try to boot back to C:, I am back to “Pri Master HDD Error” again

2). Second experiment. I try to boot to C: get HDD error, warm boot, and it boots to ME, but with iterations of;

Searching boot record from floppy..not found
Searching boot record from IDE-0..OK

3). If I just keep shutting down normally the machine will not boot. Sorry for the long saga. I have been up all night, trying to solve his problem, can any one please help?

Regards, Les.

1. RE: Boot Problems ME.
lbyard Sep-06-01 04:55 PM
In response to message 0
Suggest removing the second drive (what is it?) from the equation (and everything else not required to get the computer going) until the first one is running OK. Be sure the primary drive (?) is jumpered as Master with no Slave present. It may have only one jumper setting for a Master without slave and a Master with Slave Present or it may have a different setting for each situation. Check the manufacturer’s web site for jumper settings, etc. Use a Startup floppy to run scandisk on the hard disk from the DOS prompt. Do a surface scan. The hard disk appears marginal, but it could be something else. Auto-detecting the drive while I the CMOS may set the drive to the wrong configuration. For large drives you need LBA if the BIOS is capable of it. Set the drive type in the Standard CMOS setup to auto if there is such a setting and that should conjure a large drive correctly, but not always on old computers (computer details?). Check your drive cables. Larry

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