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Installing programs from a burned disc
jkennedy55 Aug-31-01 03:36 AM
Is it possible to burn programs from your hard drive onto a cd then install them on another computer? I tried copying a few programs and installing them on another pc but when I click the .exe to install, it basically runs the program from the disc and does not install it on the machine. Is this normal? How can I go about installing the applications on the machine instead of running from the cdrom? Thanks

1. RE: Installing programs from a burned disc
lbyard Aug-31-01 02:09 PM
In response to message 0
Just about anything is possible; however, one would not normally install software that way. Burn a copy of the original installation CD and install from that. The .exe file runs the program; it doesn’t usually install it. Setup.exe, install.exe, or something like that, which is found on the original CD and not always copied to the hard disk when it is installed, is the program that usually installs the software, including .exe’s. Larry

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