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Drive 'D' on 2 partician drive
Davo Aug-28-01 05:26 AM
has disapeared. It worked fine for about three weeks, then only the 'C' drive remained. I had the operating system on C, and all the programs on D. When I boot to a Start disk, then run FDISK it displays the two particians, but when I try to Format C, it "sees" a 7.5MB HD instead of the 1.5 MB partician originally created.

I ran F-Prot to check for virus', but none found. So I think I'll do the ole format and reinstall ...

PS this is on my kids new Duron 750/Epox 8K7a2l using Win98lite w- WinME & Win 95 Sleek install without IE but Netscape instead. It was fast as heck until ...

Anyone else ever have this problem?

Athlon 700 @ 700
MSI K7T Pro 256MB Cas 2
32 MB GeForce 2 GTS
Win 2000 Pro/Win ME dual boot

1. RE: Drive 'D' on 2 partician drive
lbyard Aug-28-01 04:41 PM
In response to message 0
Run fdisk and see which partition is active. Larry

2. RE: Drive 'D' on 2 partician drive
Davo Aug-28-01 09:28 PM
In response to message 1
I did that. Here is what it showed:
disk 1 active with the smaller amount of space, about 1.5 GB

Disk 2 the logical drive with about 13 GB of space.

But then I ran Format c: and it showed 7.5 GB of space to format! That was what the Properties showed in the My Computer screen. According to My Computer the D drive is gone! The C drive changed from <2 GB to 7.5 GB ...

The machine ran fine for three weeks. My nephews were over and loaded the game Half Life & Counter Strike, but they swear they didn't do anything else.

When I loaded programs, like Netscape and AOL IM, MS WORD etc, I put them all on the D drive. When you boot now it cant find the Word start up file (which was on the D drive). When you click on any of the programs, they can't be found either (their on the D drive also).


3. RE: Drive 'D' on 2 partician drive
lbyard Aug-29-01 03:28 PM
In response to message 2
What is "Win98lite w- WinME & Win 95 Sleek"? Larry

4. RE: Drive 'D' on 2 partician drive
Davo Aug-30-01 03:16 AM
In response to message 3
I loaded a modified version of Windows ME using "Windows 98 lite." Info can be found here at www.98lite.net

It takes the explorer GUI out of win 95 and makes it compatible with Windows ME, and you have the option of omitting the Internet Explorer browser, as well as just about every other program one might never use. I did it for speed. And does it ever speed things up ... I then added Netscape and Winamp. This is a homework machine, so the extra "code" is not a plus.

It's worked fine for me on other machines, and this one was ok for three weeks.

BTW, I re-Fdisked with two particians, and reloaded just as before. So far it's working well again ...

5. Win 98 Lite
lbyard Aug-30-01 04:31 PM
In response to message 4
Just visited the web site and Windows 98 Lite looks interesting... Like a Microsoft running in reverse. Larry

6. RE: Win 98 Lite
Davo Aug-30-01 05:51 PM
In response to message 5
Interesting, yes. If you have an older machine,give it a try without the IE web browser loaded initially. It's even faster, and more stable if you add in IE later. Although I think adding a different Web browser would have the added benefit of reducing your vulverability to viruses. Davo

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